Live TV Streaming

Omovo live streaming service allows broadcasters to deliver 24/7 real-time streaming media over the Internet. For video broadcasters, one of the most common applications is Internet TV. The live video streaming service can be used to operate one or more channels, cloning of traditional TV with a Server Side Playlist (SSPL). Video Ad integration technology, branded and customization web-players and GeoControl make streaming live TV with Omovo feeder a truly unique experience.


·         Streaming Video Hosting :

·         Online broadcasters can upload, manage and deliver on-demand streaming video with Omovo live feeder streaming media hosting service. Videos are uploaded through Omovo live feeder Portal or using any FTP client to batch-upload files. Videos are stored on a secure network and become available immediately after the upload has been completed. They can be embedded online with any media player; viewers also enjoy complete playback control.

Multi-Platform Streaming

As technology and wireless network coverage improve, more and more people begin consuming streaming media on the road, using hand-held devices, Tablet, PCs and smart-phones, in addition to traditional desktops. Omovo live feeder CDN has a fleet of Wowza Media servers optimized to deliver both live and on-demand streaming media to multiple devices. This functionality is directly linked to an online streaming portal where channels can be managed and provisioned instantly online


Multi-Format Streaming

Multi-Format streaming can help increase the online coverage of streaming video by catering to both late and early adopters. Omovo live feeder supports all major streaming formats including flash, windows, media and quickTime. In addition to streaming formats, Omovo live feeder supports a wide variety of high-quality compression standards including H.264 (with MP3 or AAC audio) and MPEG-4. HTML5 delivery is available as well, although this standard currently delivers via progressive download and not streaming.